9 Favorite Things - Alphabet Soup Edition

Whether you’re new to CincyFitFoodie or an EBTB seasoned veteran, I wanted to take a little trip down memory lane to look back at some of my favorite dishes from #foodoftheweek features and share a little teaser at what’s to come in the next few weeks around here!

First off, what is #foodoftheweek? It’s my spin on meal planning that takes *primarily* one food and feature it in most all of my meals and snacks, all week long. Why? I’ve found that it is cost effective, wastes less, allows for more creativity by trying new things that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise done.  It also just so happens that I started off with a few of my favorites (avocado, beets, carrots…), realized I was going in alphabetical order and decided to keep that accidental trend continued in an intentional way 

A – Avocado smoothies are one of my favorite food trends and once you give it a try, there is little surprise why: similar to banana, avocado gives smoothies that namesake smooth texture with healthy fat, light flavor sensation, and a little less sugar! 

B – As they are so frequently seen on my IG stories and posts, you can correctly assume that beet week was one of my favorites. With so many versatile recipes, it was hard to pick a favorite. Looking back, the not-from-scratch Trader Joe’s gluten-free cupcakes with the very much from-scratch beet icing definitely took the cake that week.

C – Carrot/cashew blender soup! I’m a big fan of 1 pot/1 gadget recipes and this is a no-brainer staple for all year-round.

D – After taking a look and experimenting with some of the popular diets and intake trends around, I wrote a post supporting a tried and true lifestyle pattern with one aspect of everyone’s diet (added sugar!) that we should be more mindful to keep an eye on.

E – Eggplant was definitely one of my favorites to experiment with as it’s veggie I don’t regularly use BUT hands down, air-fried eggplant fries were one of the hottest, easiest dishes to whip up and enjoy.

F – Fish! Have you started eating more yet?? If not, go feast your fish eyes on this and plan for a minimum of 2 servings this week!

G – During G-week, I took a pretty deep-dive into the world of greens and you’d think it was a Popeye-sponsored event. While I do normally eat a fair amount of greens, I found one of those most kid-friendly ways to hide these often are in baked goods!

H – With a lack of H-foods on the market, I branched out from food-specific items and focused on making certain recipes even healthier and sharing one of my go-to favorites: vegan peanut butter cookie dough bites!

What’s up next??

I, J, K…

Instant pot! As not to promote yet another kitchen gadget, I plan to explore the many ways this one pot can be used – quickly, easily, and little mess for weekly meals with touted higher amounts of nutrients given its speedy cook-time…stay tuned!