CincyFitFoodie Top 10 Faves

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"Favorite things" lists are pervasive on the web, so what makes this one different? To be completely honest, not a whole heck of a lot. Except that I 200% stand behind these things and am mildly obsessed with all of them to a degree that I think you 300% need to get them in your life right now.

Food and non-food alike, here we go:

1 - Walnut Brownie Perfect Bar. You guyyyyyyyys. So good! And not like, is this actually-healthy-kinda-thing? Perfect Bars pack a hefty dose of protein (16 g or more) with healthy fats +fiber! and a good source of energy-rich carbs that, when paired with a fresh fruit/veggie, make a pretty easy and balanced meal-replacement for an on-the-go morning or hectic afternoon. Side note, I also love that their ingredients list is natural and things we know! Hence, why they need to be refrigerated to be kept best!

2 - Gra-no-la. There should be no surprise that this is a favorite of mine, but this one in particular -- homemade, unusual combos for an unreal taste and texture (not to mention the smell of your kitchen afterwards...) is a must-bake ASAP. Recipe coming soon.

3 - Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter. Local-Ohio brand, only peanuts, and delicious taste at a reasonable price. A go-to every store run.

4 - Nut-week took an ironic twist when I visited a new nut/grain-free bakery in OTR, Cherbourg Cyprus. Being completely honest, for a bakery missing a lot of the primary baked good food-players, you couldn't tell nor wish for more! Known for their lemon bars, I'd grab one (or 5) of those along with the chocolate fudge brownies on your next trip to the 'hood!

5 - I've been loving on them for awhile now, but especially excited to partake in the CSOB Market Muscles event at Findlay Market this week. Outside workout in a historic farmer's market? Ookkk. Featuring a wide array of classes from the ImWithKelly workouts -- tickets are going FAST!

6 - As my roommate calls them, my ball gown kicks, these Adidas shoes are no joke! Functional, fashionable, and machine-washable, you'll want to get your very own off Zappos now and thank MelBFit while you're at it for the awesome rec :) 

7 - WhirlyBird Granola has gone portable!! Not that it stopped me before, but now, there's literally no excuse. Compact size, spoon included, travel-ready :)

8 - Cereal. Yep, a bowl of cereal. Sometimes you just want an easy, classic, no-fuss breakfast (or dinner...) and this is it for me! Admittedly, sometimes it's a little more basic with homemade cashew milk but hey, let's save that for another day...#simpleeats

9 - You've heard me talk about a meal "closer" before with hot tea, but when the summer months are here, I switch it up a little with a cool twist. Trident bubble gum and Bubly sparkling water are always by my side and keeping me satisfied between most meals and snacks!

10 - Last, but certainly not least, one of my new favorite things. Macadamia nut bread. With white chocolate chips. Recipe coming on up to the blog, soon!


Kayla Hansmann