Nutrition Non-negotiables.


Spoiler alert: I often do a reflection with a mini-24 hour recall when I begin a lot of my group or corporate events. It’s truly only meant to be a personal reflection and eye-opening look into the overall structure of our day-to-day with food and eating. Not a comparison game. Not a reason to worry or stress if your day isn’t perfect, or even next to perfect. What I actually emphasize most about this reflection is that it should be the starting point to any changes or tweaks you may be looking to make in your day involving food (not just the nutrient content of food, but the where & how, too!). They’re what I like to call nutrition non-negotiables.

Before I begin discussing the “nitty gritty” intricacies of nutrition with anyone (should I take these omega pills or start a BCAA? or introduce a low-FODMAP diet?), I like to have a set of habits pretty well squared away first. This isn’t rocket science or any miracle equation. Are you eating vegetables and a wide variety of them? Is there a decent amount of fiber in your diet? Are you avoiding trans fats to the best of your ability? This also involves sleep and rest. And mindfulness. Some aspects that I’m definitely still struggling with but they’re lifestyle necessities and ya gotta have ‘em.

I recently hopped on the Horan Associates podcast (link to listen here!) and chatted about some of this, as well, which gave me the Inspo and partial reason for this post.

Not going to share all of my earth-shattering, magic-pill secrets ;), but here are a few good reminders to keep in mind throughout your day….

  • having a veggie with breakfast (a slice of tomato on a breakfast sammie doesn’t count LOL)

  • eating at least one meal without distractions

  • going into a meal thinking about your hunger cues (scale of 1-10, where are you? are you actually hungry or…)

  • grabbed a veggie when you went for a snack

  • Protein + fiber + fat pairings all the way

  • at mostly real foods your grandma would recognize ;)

  • had at least half your body weight in water

What are your daily non-negotiables? If they’re not something you’d wish for your child or best friend, maybe they’re not something you should settle for yourself.

Kayla Hansmann