Nix the Christmas List, Questions to Resolve

I realized it’s been a minute, literally over 2-months to date!, since I last sat down to write a blog post. So, here I go…”10 Things" holiday * question * edition!

I wanted to write about a few things today, random-stream-of-consciousness-questions to take you into the end of the year, not really food-related, mostly with the focus being asking yourself questions / making a list to end the last days of the year on a high note (not just with physical health, but overall and mental health — the whole equation!).

The purpose of this exercise in questioning being, you leave the year without feeling like you need to enter the new year and start completely from scratch / rewrite your whole life plan. So, question number 1 being, (1) did you set New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, enter question (2) right away, can you remember what they are now? Don’t worry, if not, we’ve all been there, and we’ll probably all be there again, too…you’re in good company! This is also totally not to make you feel bad if you weren’t able to make, stick, or remember any sort of NY goals…more so, as it’s November, rather than focusing on making-and then breaking- resolutions, the new goal is to become curious about our “resolutions”!

“If life is a journey, the questions we ask ourselves can be thought as the fuel that gets us from here to there.” I sometimes consider questioning myself or my actions to be too self-doubting, but I’ve realized (and try to reassure myself) anytime we truly question ourselves before making a big decision or leap of faith — it’s not a decision made solely on impulse and that tiny tinge of doubt is an indicator that you’ve thought it through with enough reason & accepting that failure might be a result. As an indecisive person, you can imagine this means a lot coming from me…LOL.

So, maybe you remember that goal/maybe you don’t… that leads me to, question (3) exactly why is it you want to achieve this goal? Is it because you actually want that number on the scale to be less or you want to start participating in your work’s rec soccer league?

Further, in that realm, question (4) do you have goals written down that you know aren't for you because those goals are to make other people in your life happy? It can be hard for a lot of us to be selfish with choices like this, but at the end of the day, we’re making these choices for ourselves and have to *temporarily* take other people out of the equation.

Kind of changing direction a little, I know that I’m guilty of this 10 times over, but thinking small is the biggest indicator of achieving big results. Before you go big think, question (5) what is the next small step that I need to take? Maybe you simply need to buy a new planner or notebook to write down thoughts. Easy! Done. Keep chugging along.

Questions 6, 7, 8 are all somewhat inter-related so here you go:

(6) how does this contribute to my overall goal in life? #deepthoughts

(7) what will you lose if you complete this goal or resolution? is completing it worth what you might have to give up in order to gain?

(8) what are the big obstacles that have stopped me from achieving this or similar in the past? outsmart yourself, trick your surroundings, and don’t let history repeat itself.

Next, bring those people back in to your life that are stakeholders and you can trust to weigh in truthfully and honestly — (9) do the people that know me best, also believe this will further my goals and intentions?

Finally, the most important question them all…

(10) did I eat enough chocolate this year? if no, get going.

Kayla Hansmann