Self-Care September

"You cannot pour from an empty cup. You must fill your cup first."

Easier said than done, ammiright? I realize that self-care is one of the biggest buzz words in 2018, up there right with matcha and keto/intermittent fasting and I 'spose there could be worse things we focus on... BUT, no matter how you do it, just make sure that you do it (think of it like putting your face mask on the airplane before that of others).

Self–Care Awareness Month in September is a great time to remind us that taking care of ourselves, first and foremost!!, is essential. Unfortunately, it's often neglected in our everyday lives -- we tend to put others' needs before our own and it is crucial to remember that we cannot fill another’s cup from our own empty pot! While getting a massage/manicure/pedicure or taking a walk are great examples of taking time for our well-being, self-care can be more expansive than that.

What I think is most important to remember is true self-care is not selfish. It IS keeping a focus on your own life to further prioritize important events and day-to-days. It is also not about adding more to the to-do list -- you may find that this allows you to wean out some other activities that are not necessary, fulfilling, or healthy to grow stronger, balanced, and happier!

This month, I pledge to try to do the following, at least one, once a day:

1. Learn to say "no". I put this first because I know it will be the most difficult. Not even just saying it, but feeling comfortable with saying/meaning it. 

2. YOGA! Do more of it. One of these days, I hope to stop making this my goal in that it's a true reality. I look back to one of my better half marathons when living in Chicago, I remember thinking I did so well because I stretched and practiced SO much. So... here we go, Sept!

3. Set-up and engage in a regular call/facetime/phone chat with a long-distance close friend or relative. I've been fortunate enough to meet and become close with a lot of great people all over the country --> catching up with and remembering good times is all I need to feel that much better in just 10 minutes! 

4. Turn off. Spend at least 1 hour a day away from technology. No watch, no cell phone, no computer. Just BE. Maybe it's time to read or take a walk but without distractions! Making it a #millenialmiracle come true.

5. Make little life upgrades // ( SAVE! ) Being an adult means buying shoes notttt just from Target, right? And investing in nicer skin/hair care products...  AKA making *responsible* adult quality purchases that last longer than a season to reward for the little accomplishments happening above (+ saving money on daily things to put towards these rewards :D).

Are you in for #selfcareseptember?? If so, I highly rec you not only nominate ACTION steps but identify an ACCOUNTABILITY component (a friend/family member/group) to help you stick with it! Need a pal? Buzz me! I just might not say "no" yet...

Kayla Hansmann2 Comments