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If you’ve been following along on Instagram, every Sunday, I’ve been posting a time-lapse of my weekly meal prep. Sometimes it’s more intensive than others and when I’m lucky, I can do it in under an hour! While I’m only cooking for one or two, a lot of what I do can be scaled up to feed more, still in a relatively short amount of time.

A few things that have been making my cart lately, and a few things that always do, go a long way in making these “prep sessions” super efficient so the rest of my week is a breeze.


  • ground turkey! maybe an obvious one, but one of the most versatile meats for breakfast hashes, tacos, burgers/meatballs, and grain bowls. Sauté once, use a million different ways. I usually buy 85% lean, any higher on the spectrum, I don’t think it has near enough flavor.

  • salmon burgers. I like these or Trader Joe’s 4 pack. I season lightly in Everything but the Bagel seasoning, and air fry or pan fry until cooked thoroughly.

  • applegate turkey burgers or turkey deli slices. this brand is phenomenal for a number of reasons, but mostly because it’s avoiding a lot of the nitrates and junk in a lot of the others. oh, and I also love their bacon as an add-in to egg sandwiches or crumbled with salads (fat=fullness! embrace it.)

  • eggs!! okay, obvious, but ever since I discovered a way to love hard boiled eggs (take the yolk, mash with avocado and TJ’s reduced guilt spinach & kale greek yogurt, I can’t get enough. I’m always that girl with the smelly foods at meetings, so I’ll just embrace it and keep being that girl.


One of the biggest obstacles I hear to eating more produce is it going bad before you get a chance to eat it all…heard that. I buy half fresh, half frozen, and some canned. I also try to make a concerted effort to only buy as much I can use through Weds, and make a mid-week pitstop to re-up. With that said, some veggies that hold their freshness and stay well throughout the week:

  • carrots (whole carrots, often better than baby as they are minimally touched/processed and can be easily peeled or washed to make any meal or snack)

  • PEPPERS! (love the tri-colored bag to get a good variety of color and nutrients)

  • Sweet potatoes! every variety. The classic, the Japanese, …is there anything else? Mashed, roasted, or turned into fries, these will do well on the counter or in the pantry.


  • Dave’s Killer Bread! any variety. but love their bagels and thin, 70-calorie whole grain slices. The story behind this brand is amazing and their nutrient content is unparalleled.

  • Cleveland Kraut. do you even know me? always a staple.

  • Melon — while it’s nearing the end of it’s season, it’s perfect for snacking or pairing with salami/prosciutto for a picnic/patio snack

  • Popcorn. The brand often changes, I love mixing it up, but kettle corn is a favorite so you’ll find that on the heavy rotation.

Now that you know the items….keep reading HERE for some of the recipes I follow on the reg.

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